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8 Sep 2022

Heavy-Duty Jib Extension for Grove GRT9165

Grove is offering a new heavy-duty jib extension for the Grove GRT9165 rough-terrain crane that increases the 165 USt (150 t) crane’s utilization abilities.

It provides a competitive edge for setting precast concrete panels, as it’s easier to transport and faster to set up than competitive cranes for tilt-up work.

The jib is 12.5 ft (3.8 m) long and designed with two sheaves, for up to four parts of line, and is hydraulically offsettable from 0° to 50°. The compact but stout jib has a max lifting capacity of 68,600 lbs. The new jib has up to 20% greater capacities on average than its closest competition. The two-hook design gives operators tight precision when positioning panels, with the hydraulic jib controlled via an in-cab switch for faster operation and convenience.

The heavy-duty jib was designed to meet the fast-changing precast concrete panel market, one of the most common off-site techniques used during construction. This type of work is expected to grow 5.6% annually over the next five years alone. Its benefits include efficiency, cost reduction, speed, and more consistent quality. Precast concrete yields added environmental benefits, too, as the hollow core uses half the amount of concrete without compromising on strength. This results in up to a 25% reduction in a building’s CO2 construction footprint.

Wisconsin-based design-build contractor Miron Construction Co. (Miron) is the first customer to use the new jib on its GRT9165. Miron’s clients are rapidly shifting to precast concrete for healthcare, warehouse, manufacturing, and higher education builds across the country. The size of concrete panels is growing in tandem with demand, averaging 12-ft (3.7 m) wide and over 24-ft (7.3 m) in height, and weighing upwards of 60,000 lbs.

“It takes a larger crane to lift and rotate the concrete panels and vertically set them in place. Our precast jobs have a short duration and we wanted to minimize transport and setup costs,” said Pete Klosterman, executive vice president, field resources for Miron.

Source Grove Manitowoc

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