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16 May 2024

HAPO’s H-332 Waits for the Van Brienenoordbrug to Open

Southbound road traffic congestion yesterday on the A16 in Rotterdam held up opening the Van Brienenoordbrug for Hapo International Barges BV’s H-332 passage to Damen Shipyard’s for its 5-year survey.

Coincidentally the Heavy Lift News editor was there, with camera, on one of Waterbus’ Damen built vessels from Krimpen aan den IJssel to Capelle aan den IJssel.



Since 2021 the H-332 has a multifunctional PLM 15000E with electric/hydraulic ringer crane installed with the following specifications:

  • Full Revolving
  • Max boom length 91m
  • Max capacity 660t @ 22m
  • 2000 m² deck space
  • Worldwide operation


From the Waterbus




After about 20 minutes waiting the bridge opened and the H-332 continued its voyage


No delays caused by road traffic congestion for the latest generation Waterbus vessels built by Damen – photograph courtesy of Waterbus


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