HAPO Removes 5 Caissons at IJmuiden Locks – Heavy Lift News
24 Aug 2023

HAPO Removes 5 Caissons at IJmuiden Locks

Over the past months 5 concrete caissons have been removed from the IJmuiden lock by HAPO International Barges. Each one has an empty weight about 500t, but when loaded with sand about 1500t.


The caissons, 17m high, with a diameter of 7m at the top, have been lifted on to deck of the HAPO barge H332 using their PLM 15000 crane that is installed on the barge.

The caissons were placed in the 1920’s located at the reserve IJmuiden Noordersluis lock gate and used since the 1970’s for vessels waiting to use the locks. But since the new lock has been in operation they were no longer necessary and so removed.




Photograph courtesy of HAPO

Featured Title photograph

The 5 caissons  in a group of 3 and a group of 2 can be seen in the middle of the photograph, left of the vessel approching the lock gates

Photograph courtesy of Van den Herik Sliedrecht


All other photographs courtesy of HAPO except where otherwise noted


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