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15 Mar 2019

Hallamore selects Faymonville

Hallamore Corporation’s Transportation Division has recently added two brand new trailers from Faymonville to its fleet. The Massachusettes Heavy Lift and transport company, famous for their team of eight Clydesdale horses pulling a wagon built in 1899 with a maximum 5t load, are now the proud owners of 2 new Faymonville trailers, namely…

a double-drop trailer for high and heavy goods…

This extra low double-drop trailer MegaMAX is the ideal solution for extremely high and bulky goods, such as industrial components, machinery or oversized containers and crates. Its king-pin steering with override remote control is a unique feature in North America. With its unmatched maneuverability, it allows access extremely tight areas. The 4th pin-on/flip axle helps to increase the legal payload and to ensure even more versatility going from state to state.

… and a 4-axle TeleMAX platform trailer for longest loads.

This stretch single-drop platform trailer is ideally suited for wind blades as well as any other extremely long cargo. Thanks to the drop behind the neck and the use of 17.5” tires, it comes with a lower rear deck height than any other trailers of similar length. When closed and empty, both trailers run within 53’ length and 100” width, not requiring any escort or permit.


The 4-axle TeleMAX platform trailer

The title Featured photograph is of the extra low double-drop trailer MegaMAX

Source Faymonville

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