Gulliver and Rambiz arrive at Helge Ingstad Salvage Location – Heavy Lift News
24 Feb 2019

Gulliver and Rambiz arrive at Helge Ingstad Salvage Location

After a week of waiting on weather the two Scaldis Salvage and Marine Contractor Crane vessels, Gulliver and Rambiz, left their safe haven, Hanoytangen, at 07.00 and 09.17 this morning, Sunday 24 February, respectively bound for the location of the sunken frigate Helge Ingstad near Nodra Sandvika on the island of Stura just a few metres off the coast.

Both the vessels have arrived at the location and have spent the day preparing for a possible lift if the weather holds.

The forecast looks good but the Norwegians have learnt to be cautious where the weather is concerned. The official Royal Norwegian Navy comment issued today, Sunday, states, “The weather forecasts for the coming week are good, but whether the forecast is far enough to start lifting is still uncertain. If weather forecasts or other conditions do not allow the start of the lifting operation, the salvage teams will use the opportunity to practice the first phases of the operation.”

They conclude, “Any decision regarding the initiation of the lifting operation will be taken Monday morning.”

The two crane vessels are currently side-by-side close to the sunken frigate approximately 70m from the coast. Other vessels standing by include the Dutch tug Multratug 14 that has been with the Rambiz since the start of the operation, and the Norwegian vessels, Island Valiant, an offshore supply ship,  FFS Ares, a tug, KV Tor, a Coast Guard Vessel, OV Utvaer a pollution control vessel, and the TT Bergen, described as being a search and rescue, SAR, vessel.

The photograph is from NRK, the Norwegian government-owned radio and television public broadcasting company.

Source HLN, Royal Norwegian Navy and NRK

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