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29 Sep 2020

Grove GMK3060L Goes to Concept Crane in Canberra

Australian contractor Concept Crane Hire is the owner of the first Grove GMK3060L all-terrain crane in the country. The GMK3060L features a 48 m boom and the strongest taxi load charts in its class. It has the most compact dimensions in the three-axle segment, enabling it to access tight job sites, maneuver easily around city centers, and even work indoors. The chassis is almost as compact as a two-axle model and up to 1 m shorter than competitive three-axle cranes. Carrier length is only 8.67 m and the minimum height is 3.64 m with the suspension lowered.

“The GMK3060L has been out on a couple of jobs and we’ve been really impressed with its performance, it’s a great little machine,” said Daniel Whitehead, co-owner. “It is ideally suited for smaller residential and commercial jobs which tend to have tighter access. The crane is also spot on for the road restrictions around the greater Canberra area with 12 t per axle.”

Co-owners Daniel Whitehead and Dave Taylor established Canberra-based Concept Crane Hire in 2014 and have worked in the industry for 12 years.

Source Manitowoc / Grove



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