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16 Aug 2021

Green Pin® ROV Shackles & Hooks: The Complete ROV Range

Some sea creatures are more specialized than others. More fit to the extreme conditions under water. Like our subsea shackles and hooks for ROV operations. Green Pin® offers an ocean of possibilities with our range of specialized components. Designed and produced with the right subsea mindset. For more control. For more precision. And for more possibilities. So make sure you choose Green Pin®. The great white with the Green Pin®.

The Green Pin® ROV range features two types of ROV hooks designed for subsea lifting: the Green Pin® ROV Eye Hook and Green Pin® ROV Shank Hook. We also offer four types of ROV release shackles and two types of combined release & retrieve shackles. Showpieces in this range are the Green Pin® Guided Pin ROV Shackle (for release and retrieve operations) and the Green Pin® Locking Clamp ROV (Sling) Shackle (for release operations only). ROV release shackles are available with spring pins, locking clamps or spring loading.

Founded in 1922, Van Beest is the leading manufacturer of premium quality below-the-hook lifting and lashing fittings such as Green Pin Tycan® Chain, Green Pin® shackles and hooks. Van Beest has 125 employees and branches in The Netherlands (head office), Germany, France, Brazil and USA. The company has stock-holding distributors in more than 90 countries worldwide.

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Locking Clamp ROV Shackle


Tapered Pin ROV Shackle D


Tapered Pin ROV Shackle F


ROV Guided pin Shackle D


ROV Guided Pin Shackle F


Spring Pin ROV Shackle


Spring Release ROV Shackle



Locking Clamp ROV Sling Shackle


ROV Shank Hook E


ROV Hook E GR8





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