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10 Nov 2022

Goldhofer’s New Smart System – the FT Series

The new FT SERIES pivot-mounted pendulum axle combination offers unprecedented flexibility and investment security for the heavy haulage industry. This smart system combines semitrailers in the heavy payload class and heavy-duty module combinations, especially for on-road transportation. Thanks to intelligent configuration and accessory packages, the FT SERIES can be combined with almost all Goldhofer modules. The ultimate benefit of this new type of vehicle is that transportation system changes can be made without any difficulties at any time. This allows a flexible response to changing market requirements and reduces the total cost of ownership in the long term.

At the time of purchase, the FT SERIES can be adapted to individual requirements, thus avoiding the compromises that were often necessary in the past when placing an order. Basic width and bending moment, for example, can be individually specified for all standard bogies. And that is only the beginning: The highlight of this groundbreaking trans­port system is a new wheel set. With its intelligent design, the new unit not only offers an optimized suspension stroke of 640mm and a steering angle of 60°, but also the flexibility to adapt to changing requirements – even after purchase. There are five different single and twin tire options to choose from for a loading height of between 770mm and 935mm for axle loads of 22t to 26t. And that is not all: To facilitate easy integration of the new FT SERIES into the existing fleet, the axle suspension cylinders can be specified for compatibility with Goldhofer’s entire heavy-duty portfolio. This is the key to a system with almost unlimited combina­tion capability.

This means that the FT SERIES can be used on a customized basis for combination with all existing module systems. “This enables customers to configure individual vehicle combinations for a perfect match with their momen­tary operational requirements,” says Robert Steinhauser, Vice President of Sales & Service Transport Technology.

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