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27 Oct 2022

Goldhofer’s Agreement Leads to Transport Planning via CodeSquare’s HeavyGoods Internet platform

Goldhofer’s customers can already do their semitrailer planning using the online platform, and now the company is going one-step further: Through a new cooperation agreement with CodeSquare, modular vehicles and their accessory components such as telescopic loading decks, goosenecks and turntables have now also been integrated into the HeavyGoods platform. This provides users with individual options for performing axle load calculations (HeavyLoad) or cornering simulations (HeavySim), which are only two modules of the complete platform. 

“Such software applications are becoming increasingly important and serve as a supporting document for route permits,” says Volker Schmidt, Head of Homologation with responsibility for approval issues at Goldhofer. “The highlight of the HeavyGoods app is that you can simulate driving maneuvers online using Google Maps or your own drone aerial imagery and official survey maps under HeavySim,” says Managing Director Susann Beyersdorfer. “This means you are always up to date and can access the app from anywhere – simply log in via the heavygoods app and get started.”



Thanks to this second phase of development cooperation, Goldhofer customers can also access a further pool of digital vehicle modules plus accessories, so they can quickly configure their modular vehicles without the hassle of manually entering the modules themselves. Those who are already users of HeavyGoods can select a vehicle from their existing Goldhofer fleet at the click of a button. Goldhofer is thus offering another tool for easier transport planning via CodeSquare’s HeavyGoods Internet platform. And it is a valuable tool, as many routes require meticulous advance planning, which can take months and present transportation companies with a serious challenge. HeavyGoods enables them to work with accurate vehicle data to achieve realistic and up-to-date results. The result is greater planning security for permit applications.



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