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3 Jul 2023

Goldhofer Taking 3 Variants From Successful STARLINE Portfolio to GIS Expo in October

With a convincing line-up at GIS Expo at the Piacenza Expo, Italy on 5-7 October this year Goldhofer is presenting no fewer than three different types of vehicle from its successful STARLINE portfolio.

The new STEPSTAR range of self-tracking semitrailers offers premium quality engineering, high payloads at low deadweights, and an unmatched load securing system. An intelligent loading area design and the MEGA loadable gooseneck are the key to optimum utilization of overall vehicle length. A new addition is the force-steered version STEPSTAR Z for even greater flexibility and manoeuvrability.

“Premium quality at attractive prices,” was the motto that Goldhofer chose for the launch of its successful STARLINE family of vehicles. Today the STEPSTAR range comprises an impressive – and growing – variety of semi-trailers with:

  • 3 to 6 axle lines with payloads of up to 84t
  • Choice of loading lengths with single or double extenders
  • Available with MEGA gooseneck for optimum utilization of the entire vehicle length as a loading area, e.g. for transporting containers
  • Available with one or two pairs of wheel recesses in the loading area for transporting high construction machines
  • Platform model with one- or two-piece ramps with an extremely low load angle for loading low-floor vehicles
  • Available with a long and wide excavator boom recess in an open design to carry bigger excavator booms
  • Choice of self-tracking or forced steering

An intelligent – and indispensable – load securing concept, ease of operation, and flexible setup options are all part of the package, too.

All the models offer a high degree of safety and make life easier for the driver. Various materials are available for the deck, such as sheet steel with anti-slip coating, wood or the low-wear TraffideckGO polymer flooring co-developed by Goldhofer. This not only saves weight but also reduces loading height and has an outstanding coefficient of friction compared to conventional wooden or rubber flooring. It also ensures maximum safety during loading and on the road.


The tried and tested STEPSTAR at work


“The STEPSTAR is the perfect response to our customers’ expectations: top quality plus intelligent details at competitive prices. Many customers particularly appreciate the fact that the 3-axle vehicles can be used for permit-free transport throughout Europe with payloads of up to 26.3t and a gross combination length of 16.5m,” says Marco Ceresa, Regional Sales Manager for Italy.


with 5 axle lines


The vehicles can also be fitted with the CARGOPLUS® low-profile tires developed by Goldhofer, which offer the twin advantages of higher payloads and lower loading heights. CARGOPLUS® 60 supports axle loads of 10t compared with 8t with 205 tyres, while CARGOPLUS®80 corresponds to 245 tyres and delivers a 75mm reduction in loading height for the same axle load. This translates into the ability to move taller and heavier construction machinery, which in turn means greater versatility, more flexibility and fewer detours due to height restrictions on the route.



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