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21 Sep 2023

Goldhofer Share Success with Volvo Trucks at NordBau 2023

Goldhofer and co-exhibitor Volvo Trucks certainly drew the crowds with their first combined presence at NordBau 2023 in Neumünster in the far north of Germany. The highlight of the trade show was the first heavy-duty combination configured by Goldhofer brand ambassador Iwona Blecharczyk comprising a Volvo FH16 truck and a seven-axle Goldhofer MPA semi low-loader.


Carsten Duwe, Sales Manager Northern Germany at Goldhofer, explaining the benefits of the STARLINE.


The visitors to this year’s NordBau flocked to the fairgrounds in perfect weather. And they found plenty to keep them happy at the first joint Goldhofer and Volvo Trucks stand. A four-axle TRAILSTAR trailer and a three-axle STEPSTAR with two pairs of wheel recesses proved convincing examples of the vehicle family concept developed by Goldhofer for the STARLINE. Visitors were additionally impressed by the intelligent details including the practical load securing system and form-fit pocket stakes. These flexible workhorses also have an optimal payload to deadweight ratio and Wader container locks. The STARLINE vehicles are available with Goldhofer’s unique CargoPlus tyres for axle loads of 10t or 12t and the advantages of a loading height that is much lower than with conventional tyres.


The STEPSTAR was on display in combination with a Volvo FH Electric tractor unit. With up to 666hp continuous power and a range of up to 300km, the Volvo FM Electric is the ideal choice in urban areas for container transports, crane services and much else – with a greatly reduced environmental impact. The FM Electric naturally comes into its own in zero-emission zones or at times of the day when the use of diesel vehicles is restricted. Not only is the FH Electric significantly quieter than conventional vehicles, the electric motor also delivers maximum torque immediately, which gives very smooth full power delivery. With a gross combination weight rating of 44t, it is also well-equipped for heavy-duty work in the harsh environment of the construction site.

The highlight of NordBau 2023, however, was the first heavy-duty tractor-trailer configured by Goldhofer brand ambassador Iwona Blecharczyk with her Imagination Transport company, comprising a Volvo FH16 and the Goldhofer MPA 7. With its 750 hp, the Volvo FH16 in the 8×4 version is the ultimate in power from Volvo Trucks. It is capable of handling a gross combination weight of up to 325t. Volvo Active Grip Control ensures that maximum traction and startability performance are available in all conditions. For low speeds when manoeuvring with heavy loads, the Volvo FH16 features the I-Shift transmission with crawler gears. This means problem-free drive-off with the heaviest loads at all times.

Outstanding lateral stability has been one of the keys to the success of Goldhofer’s MPA axle technology since its launch in 2013. In addition the small number of components makes the MPA an extremely low-maintenance solution. It is designed for high axle loads of 15.6 t at 20 km/h and combines a wide steering angle of 60° with a low loading height of only 785 mm. The robust design and high bending resistance of the vehicle frame ensure maximum reliability and a long service life. This is also the verdict of Iwona with her long years of experience as a trucker: “In the workaday world of heavy haulage I have to be able to rely on my vehicle completely, and robust engineering and reliable solutions have always been the hallmark of Goldhofer. That is why there was only one serious contender for my first semi low-loader: Goldhofer.” This was also the verdict of the many visitors to Goldhofer’s Nordbau stand according to Carsten Duwe, Sales Manager Northern Germany: “At NordBau, Europe’s biggest compact trade show for the construction industry, all our products had the power to convince. The response of our customers was nothing short of enthusiastic.” NordBau 2023 – another successful trade show for Goldhofer


The 7-axle version of the »MPA« – a winner in terms of maneuverability, axle load and low loading height.


On the road into the future with the Volvo FH Electric: all-electric and lots of power with a gross combination weight rating of 44 t.

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Goldhofer brand ambassador Iwona Blecharczyk (right) at the official handover of her »MPA« 7 at NordBau by Marcin Michalak (left), Sales Manager Poland.



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