Goldhofer PSTs Boosts Kahl Group Fleet up to 10,000t Payload Level – Heavy Lift News
28 May 2024

Goldhofer PSTs Boosts Kahl Group Fleet up to 10,000t Payload Level

In January 2024, the Kahl Group invested in 38 Goldhofer PST/ES-E self-propelled axle lines to increase its capacity for challenging infrastructure projects. In combination with its existing fleet, Kahl can now move up to 10,000t of payload while ensuring maximum safety and flexibility.

With 100 self-propelled axle lines (PST) and around 250 towed axle lines from Goldhofer, the Kahl Group has one of the largest vehicle fleets in Europe.

Kahl is in its element wherever heavy and out-of-the-ordinary transport solutions are required.

The company’s split modules also give it a unique  heavy-haul portfolio in terms of vehicle width, namely 2,430mm, 3,000mm, 4,900mm, 5,330mm and up to 6,350mm in coupled combinations plus unlimited free combinations.

In addition to 30 type PST/ES-E (315) axle lines, the order also includes 8 PST/ES-E (285) axle lines with variable track width.

Andreas Kahl, Managing Director of the Kahl Group, explains. “We opted for the Goldhofer self-propelled modules because they offer unique and unrivaled tractive power and performance, which is essential for our challenging projects. We are convinced of the technical advantages that Goldhofer offers as a market leader in the heavy-haul industry. Also of decisive importance for us is the ability of the PST/ES-E (285) modules, with a basic width of 2.43m, to widen under load. This enables us to organize our transports even more efficiently and safely.”


Unique width portfolio: This investment in the future gives Kahl a unique selling point in heavy haulage


Axle widening under load provides the same lateral stability as a 3,000mm wide self-propelled transporter. With a basic width of 2,430mm, all PST/ES-E modules are suitable for flat rack shipping, a further advantage in terms of economical fleet management.

With their typical Goldhofer combinability with all vehicles in the THP family, self-propelled transporters and in particular the new FT SERIES, the modules are the ideal choice for a wide range of applications and loads. With the new PST/ES-E transporters, the Kahl Group can handle complex lift and shift operations, especially in combination with jack-up systems from Greiner, a leading manufacturer of hydraulic lifting equipment.


Successful in operation at Kahl: The »FT SERIES« from Goldhofer.


In 2023, the Kahl Group previously invested in 38 axle lines of Goldhofer’s new FT SERIES heavy-duty module generation. 28 of these FT axle lines feature an extremely high bending moment, which allows for even higher payloads. The FT SERIES is a modular transport system offering a high degree of flexibility and investment security, as it can be adapted to handle different requirements and loads. It also has the big advantage of simple integration into the existing fleet, as the FT SERIES modules can be adjusted accordingly at any time.


The G² K 600: Even more payload in combination with the Goldhofer »FT SERIES«


Kahl’s newly acquired FT SERIES perfectly complements its G² K 600 high girder bridge. Also a product of collaboration between Goldhofer and Greiner, this innovative and unique transport solution can handle payloads of up to 600t. The Kahl Group has made successful use of the G² K 600 for several bridge construction projects, including installation of the new Rhine Bridge near Leverkusen in 2022. The G² K 600 has also been the key to success in transporting generators for various international projects. With the new FT SERIES axle lines plus the combination of unique load distribution and reduced deadweight, the Kahl Group is now equipped to handle an even wider range of payloads.


Kahl and Goldhofer have enjoyed a trusting partnership for many years.






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