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15 Jun 2021

Goldhofer Launch P12 PLUS Highway Semitrailer for North American Market – Video

Heavy-duty transportation operations in North America will be easier, faster and more cost-effective. Goldhofer has once again expanded its range of products with a unique product for the needs of the North American market – with the new Goldhofer P12 PLUS. With one or two intermediate bogies, the semi-trailer is capable of being combined up to twelve axle lines and offers a longer loading deck and an enormous payload. Thanks to its high level of adaptability it is designed for flexible configurations to handle a wide range of loads. Heavy haul companies will receive a smart, flexible trailer design that combines a semi-trailer, trailer and steerable dolly for long load combinations in one solution.

The ultimate in flexibility for a wide range of transportation operations – is the new Goldhofer P12 PLUS. With the new Goldhofer P12 PLUS with its game-changing and innovative design, is the transportation solution adding significant advantage for a modern trailer fleet. In order to utilize the trailer fleet in an ideal way, the market needs trailers, which can be adapted daily for different load requirements. Multiple configurations built from the same trailer platform maximizes the cost effectiveness for the New Goldhofer P12 Plus.

In the 12-axle version, the vehicle offers a maximum payload of up to 281,000 lbs (127t), with a 26,400 lbs (12t) axle load. The Goldhofer P12 PLUS also has the flexibility to be operated in a 9- or 6-axle version. The trailer’s universal capabilities are enhanced by an extensive range of accessories including loading decks and turntables for transporting, long and heavy concrete beams using the steerable dolly, for example. “A wide range of jobs with just one vehicle – the Goldhofer P12 PLUS represents our wealth of experience with the successful THP series transferred to the highway transportation market. Thanks to its variability, heavy haul companies will now ensure delivery of diverse, special and everyday loads to destinations with just one vehicle,” says Stefan Kohler, Director of Sales – North America.

Big advantages of the new Goldhofer P12 PLUS, are not only its flexibility to operate as a semi-trailer but also as a drawbar combination and its incredible maneuverability. The 12-axle vehicle with forced steering optimizes cornering, maneuverability and capabilities, which make easier operation on narrow roads, maneuvering in confined spaces, or when reversing.

Stefan Kohler explains: “A broad expertise broad expertise of experience gathered by our engineers with customers collaboration over the past years has gone into the design of the Goldhofer P12 PLUS. With its universal versatility, low deadweight, high payload, flexible handling and economical operation in the harsh environment of everyday heavy haul, the new Goldhofer P12 PLUS is the perfect answer to the demands of a successful operation.” The first two Goldhofer P12 Plus vehicles are enroute to two US transportation companies.

Cartoon videos

A series of 6 cartoon videos depicting heavy lift transport jobs with the Goldhofer P12 Plus are available here.

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