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18 May 2021

Giant Semi-Submersible Lifting Barge being Prepared for Malin Group

A giant semi-submersible lifting barge is being lengthened and strengthened at the Hat-San shipyard in Turkey to prepare it for a new working life with Malin Abram and Malin Augustea in Scotland.

Once converted, the massive barge will be one of the largest in Europe – and the only one in Scotland able to submerge and load vessels and cargo up to 12 metres deep and 140 metres long.

With a submergence depth of up to 12 metres over deck and a deck space of 4,200m, the barge can accommodate the load out and float off of most offshore structures and vessels making it one of the most capable vessels of this type in Europe.

The barge can be configured in various formats

On arrival in Scotland, the barge will be used by heavy lift specialists Malin Abram and Malin Augustea to transport and launch the highly anticipated Type 26 Global Combat Ships being built by BAE Systems for the United Kingdom Royal Navy, then berthed on the Clyde and made available to industry as required, catalysing further opportunities for the wider supply chain in fields including shipbuilding, civil construction and renewable energy.



John MacSween, Managing Director of the Malin Group, said:“Securing this piece of equipment marks another positive step forward in the reawakening of the shipping and large-scale marine manufacturing industry in Scotland.  This versatile asset can be used for launching and bringing ships ashore, docking vessels locally or at remote locations as well as being used to relocate large structures around the UK and further afield. We are delighted to continue our long-standing relationship with the internationally renowned tug and barge owner specialists Augustea, as well as work with Hat-San who are bringing years of shipbuilding experience to the conversion. We are also extremely grateful for the support we have had from Scottish Enterprise in making this project a reality.”

Sandro Lipani, Director at Augustea said:We are really pleased to cooperate with Malin Group for such an exciting project, and one that will further strengthen our long lasting and successful relationship. Hat San is the right partner to deliver this barge which will offer an asset to support shipbuilding, civil construction and renewable energy projects for years to come.”

With a length of 137 metres and deck area of 4,200 square meters, the barge brings an enviable resource to the banks of the River Clyde.

  • Length Overall: 137.0m
  • Beam: 36.6m
  • Depth: 7.6m
  • Max draught: 5.8m
  • Dwt on max draught: 21,806 tonnes
  • Deck area: 4,200m2
  • Frame spacing: 2,500mm
  • Deck loading: 20 tonnes per sq meter
  • Point loads: Up to 750 tonnes

It will be based on the Clyde between projects and brings exciting new capability to the area. Due to its highly versatile design, it can be used for both deep sea transport of large vessels and cargo, but also offers exciting new docking capabilities to the local area. It is expected this new service will catalyse further opportunities for the wider supply chain and put the West Coast of Scotland on the map as a place of business for major marine engineering projects.

Source Malin Group



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