Generation 3 Skidding System – Heavy Lift News
24 Mar 2018

Generation 3 Skidding System

24 March 2018

JB Rawcliffe & Sons Ltd is proud to share details of our latest generation of hydraulic skidding system.

The generation 3 climbing skidding system has been designed and manufactured in house and is based on updates of our previous skidding systems coupled with knowledge and feedback from JB Rawcliffe & Sons Ltd jacking and skidding teams.

The system is used for the controlled movement of machinery, transformers, plant and structures in confined or restricted areas. The system comprises of rigid stainless steel skids propelled by hydraulic push/pull cylinders traveling on Teflon pads within a galvanised track.

All components are lightweight so it can be easily carried, handled and positioned by one person for quick and easy setup.

The basic setup which is not only push/pull but also reversible is rated at 200,000kg with the option to increase the number of systems to increase the capacity where necessary.

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