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16 May 2023

Full Service Package from Van der Vlist

One of Van der Vlist’s specialities is flatrack transport, which offers the efficiency of container transport, along with the ability to carry high, wide or heavy cargo. This project for Sany was another successful example of their complete full-service package.



The Van der Vlist team loaded 23 flatracks and two 20ft containers for Sany at two locations in Antwerp. These were then shipped on a 135m long barge to the Van der Vlist Moerdijk Terminal. Directly after arrival, unloading and lifting commenced with their own port crane. Thereafter, the Van der Vlist team took care of further unlashing and unloading of the machines from the flatracks.



After unloading, the machines, each weighing between 20t and40t, were transported to their parking spots. The highest priority machines went directly into their workshop for the PDI process. Meanwhile, the empty flatracks were stacked unto each other to be returned to the empty container depots.



The Van der Vlist team took care of all the aspects of this project:  the loading, shipping, lifting, unloading of the flatracks, unlashing, unloading of the machines, storage, PDI and returning the empty flatracks. Within a day they managed to complete the challenge of unloading all flatracks swiftly and safely and getting the machines to their appointed place and returning the flatracks back to the harbour.



Another job well done, that is the power to care!


Source Van der Vlist

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