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28 Nov 2018

Franklin Offshore and Lankhorst to develop heavy lift fibre slings market in South East Asia

Angie Tang, CEO, Franklin Offshore International and Wilco Stroet, MD, Lankhorst Ropes signing the exclusive Co-Operation agreement at OSEA 2018

28 November 2018

Singapore-based, Franklin Offshore International Pte. Ltd. and leading fibre ropes manufacturer, Lankhorst Ropes, have announced an exclusive Co-Operation agreement aimed at developing the market for fibre rope slings for heavy lift offshore projects in South East Asia.

As offshore contractors look for ways to maximise their vessel’s crane lift capacity, Lankhorst fibre rope slings can be a more practical and cost-effective alternative to steel wire ropes.


Franklin Offshore International Pte. Ltd. is one of world’s largest steel wire rope fabricators, and leading provider of quality rigging and mooring equipment and services to the global offshore construction, oil and gas exploration and production industries.  Part of WireCo WorldGroup, Lankhorst Ropes is a technology leader and innovator in fibre ropes for mooring, towing and heavy lift applications. Under the Co-Operation agreement, Franklin is the sole and exclusive distributor and representative to sell and distribute Lankhorst Ropes’ range of heavy lift synthetic rope slings in South East Asia.


“As a leading supplier of steel wire slings for many years, we recognise that recent developments in fibre rope slings by Lankhorst Ropes now make it a viable alternative to steel wire in those projects where the self-weight of the wire is too much for the vessel’s crane,” says Mrs Angie Tang, CEO, Franklin Offshore International Pte. Ltd. “Working with Lankhorst gives us access to not only market leading, high performance fibre slings but the technical know-how to assist our in-house team in developing fibre sling heavy lift systems here in South East Asia.”


Lankoforce Heavy Lift Slings


Lankhorst Ropes’ Lankoforce range of ropes produce slings with a minimum breaking load (MBL) of around 2,000 ton in single leg configuration and 3,200 ton in a grommet configuration. Lankoforce HL slings are available in two configurations, eye-and-eye (E&E) and endless loop (grommet). The company is a significant investor in an industry-leading R&D program into the performance of fibre rope slings under realistic scenarios, providing offshore installation companies with the ability to determine and predict fibre rope sling behaviour for safe use in lifting projects.


“We look forward to working with the Franklin Offshore International team. As a leading rigging company, they are well placed to work with offshore companies in expanding the lifting project opportunities for fibre rope slings,” says Wilco Stroet, managing director, Lankhorst Ropes. “Lankoforce lifting slings increase the lifting options for offshore contractors. They maximize crane lifting capabilities, provide a gentler lift and extend the reach of subsea deployment systems in deepwater.”


The exclusive Co-Operation agreement between Franklin Offshore International Pte. Ltd. and Lankhorst Ropes comes into effect at the end of November 2018. The two companies are already evaluating a number of offshore projects involving Lankoforce slings.

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