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8 Jul 2022

FPSO Johan Castberg Modules Installed by HLV Gulliver – Video

After a thorough preparation period, HLV Gulliver and its dedicated crew were able to execute all eight lifts in a smooth sequence and according to plan. Modules and pipe racks were lifted from both quay or barges.



A combination of purpose-built rigging equipment and tools from the wide-ranging Scaldis owned stock allowed HLV Gulliver to install these modules with varying characteristics in dimensions, clearances, CoG and weights ranging from 300t up to 2750t. During installation, the HLV was kept in position by a combination of mooring lines and anchors to obtain a very controlled move-in. Although clearances of less then 40cm were not exceptional, the experience and patience of the crew resulted in bull’s eye installations avoiding any contact with neighbouring modules.



With a combined installed weight exceeding 10.000 tons, Scaldis is proud to have contributed in this exciting project in very good cooperation with its clients Aker Solutions and Equinor. After the earlier topside installations for the substations of the Kaskasi II and Arcadis Ost 1 offshore wind farms earlier this year, the Johan Castberg project has concluded a successful 2022 spring campaign for Scaldis. HLV Gulliver will now head for a very busy summer in Bristol (UK), where it will be joined by HLV Rambiz for the exceptional dual lifting operations on the Hinkley Point C project.

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