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15 Jun 2020

Fox Brasil Success with Biomass Power Plant Logistics

FOX Brasil | Project Logistics successfully handled the logistics of 4 x out of gage boiler parts, destinated for a biomass power plant being built inland Brazil.

Description                               L(m)                W (m)              H (m)

Convection tube                      12,550             4,38                 3,40    

Hearth                                       10,700             3,85                 4,20    

Economizer                              10,880             3,85                 2,65    

Combustion Chamber           11,450               3,75                 3,75    

FOX Brasil’s team has managed the logistics from the sea freight, receiving under hook to the delivery destination job site 1000km inland. A route survey was performed previously for the whole project management.

Occupational Safety and Health rules were specially taken into account, due to the high risk for contamination during the Covid-19 outbreak in Brazil.

FOX Brasil | Project Logistics is specialized on managing the logistics for turnkey projects and biomass power plant.


Biomass Power Plant – Loaded on 3 x 40’Flat Rack Containers OOG 1 x piece loaded on a Flat Rack Bed on board




Source The Heavy Lift Group / Fox Brosil

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