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16 Apr 2024

Fourth Generation SCHEUERLE BladeLifter for Handling the Longest Rotor Blades With Excellent Transport Safety

Due to its enormous performance reserves, the fourth generation SCHEUERLE BladeLifter allows all fleet operators to have a high level of investment security as well as economic efficiency and offers excellent transport safety even when transporting the longest rotor blades.

The Steil Kranarbeiten company has used this solution for numerous last-mile transports of rotor blades up to 84m long to wind farm facilities and is extremely impressed with the qualities of the rotor blade adapter.


SCHEUERLE BladeLifter in continuous use at the Steil Kranarbeiten company.


Daniel Schulz, team leader at Steil Kranarbeiten, praised the vehicle stability and optimum adaptability of the rotor blade adapter: “The BladeLifter from TII SCHEUERLE actually drives really well. It is ideally suited for this rotor blade especially because we can also drive the rotor blade adapter with its maximum width of 3.49m which ensures a high level of transport safety given the dimensions of this load.” The longest rotor blade designs are currently up to 84m long.


This rotor blade measures 84 metres long. The set-up angle of 60° provides the best possible manoeuvrability.


The fourth generation BladeLifter (G4) from the TII Group subsidiary, TII SCHEUERLE, the industry expert for on and off-road heavy transport operations, has passed yet another endurance test at Steil Kranarbeiten, a service provider for crane work and specialist in the field of special goods logistics. The company had previously used the transport solution to safely move 79m long rotor blades over the last mile to wind farms and has also tested the BladeLifter G4 prototype.


This means rotor blades can be swivelled over obstacles such as buildings and carriageway dividers…


This version had already met the requirements of Steil Kranarbeiten. “There were a small number of things that TII SCHEUERLE optimised after the initial use. The support we receive from TII SCHEUERLE is very good. The company’s employees always listen very carefully to our concerns and the experts who advise us on site during the operation know exactly what they are doing. They are available to us at all times,” according to Schulz.


… as well as being driven under bridges.


With the fourth generation BladeLifter, TII SCHEUERLE provides all customers with an extremely powerful transport solution for the last mile of rotor blade transport which is also suitable for meeting the challenges of the future due to its large performance reserves.


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Equipped for the future. The SCHEUERLE BladeLifter is also suitable for handling the longest rotor blades.



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