Footbridge on the Move by M.J. van Riel – Heavy Lift News
14 Mar 2019

Footbridge on the Move by M.J. van Riel

M.J. van Riel recently transported a 60 ton heavy bridge section from its production hall. Thanks to good preparations and the use of the right equipment, this large 34-metre-long bridge section could be manoeuvred perfectly out of the warehouse. This section is only one part of a larger project.

The first phase of the work involved jacking up the bridge section. After it had reached the correct height, our autonomously driven, modular axle lines could be steered under the bridge section. Then the sliding doors of the production hall were opened and there was just enough freedom of movement to drive the whole thing out and turn onto the road.

Once outside, the bridge section was unloaded off the axles and loaded onto a transport unit using hydraulic spring systems. After this the load was ready for transport.

This work was part of a larger project. M.J. van Riel will be assisting in the transport of four bridge sections in total, ranging from 9 to 34 meters long (all 5.5 meters wide). From the production hall they transport each section of the bridge to a second location, where they will be spraypainted. At a later time, the bridge sections will then be transported to their final destination, in order to place them with one of our heavy telescopic cranes. Furthermore, a third party will carry out the final assembly, resulting in a brand new pedestrian bridge.

In order to seamlessly connect all parts of this process, their project office works closely with the client. In this way they ensure that every work is well prepared and that the planning is right down to the last detail.

Source M.J. van Riel – M.N.