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29 Aug 2019

Flying with FLORO’s Faymonville MegaMAX

Quite an unusual load has been transported recently by Faymonville’s Slovenian customer FLORO Transport.

They hauled a Bombardier CRJ 200 aircraft with a length of 26,77 m and weighing about 20t on their 2-axle MegaMAX lowbed trailer by Faymonville from Ljubjana to Dolenjske Toplic, 108kms away. The full-size passenger jet is 17 years old and has previously been operated in the United States, Mexico and finally Sudan, before reaching its storage destination at Jože Pučnik International Airport in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from where it started the voyage to its final home in Dolenjske Toplice, this time by land.

The initiator of this project is the final owner of the aircraft, FerroECOBlast, who have been developing advanced surface treatment solutions and machinery for the last 55 years. The jet will be crucial for the further development of the company and will serve for the research and development of new innovations and technologies in the aviation industry.

More details about Faymonville can be found on here their Company Profile

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