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29 Mar 2018

Floating wind turbines: the road to commercialization

29 March 2018

Floating wind is now a reality. And it works. The world’s first floating wind farm, Hywind in Scotland, achieved a capacity factor of 65% in its first three months of operation, up to February 2018. That compares to a bottom-fixed offshore wind average of up to 60% at most. 

These early results are encouraging, because in the long term the future of the wind industry may depend on floating foundations.

The deep-water locations that floating foundations can reach allow for a much greater market than onshore or shallow offshore wind asset owners could ever hope to access. And, theoretically, floating foundations could carry much bigger turbines.

Against this backdrop, this white paper from New Energy Update aims to offer a view into the current state of commercialisation of floating foundation technology, along with the main markets, designs and routes towards levelized cost of energy (LCOE) reduction.

The whitepaper covers:

  • The business case for floating foundations

  • Brief market overview

  • The technologies competing for commercialization

  • The cost reduction

And contains expert insights from:

  • Garrett Barter, Senior Engineer, National Wind Technology Center, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

  • Bruno Geschier, Chief Sales Officer & Marketing Officer, Ideol, and Chairman of WindEurope’s Floating Task Force

  • Rhodri James, Manager of Policy & Innovation, The Carbon Trust

  • Jim Lanard, CEO, Magellan Wind

  • Necy Sumait, Renewable Energy Section Chief, Pacific Outer Continental Shelf Region, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

Download your copy of the whitepaper now >>>

This whitepaper was produced in association with the 3rd US Offshore Wind 2018  SOURCE: NewEnergy

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