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9 Feb 2021

Five Konecranes Hybrid RTGs for Norfolk Southern Corporation

Norfolk Southern Corporation has ordered five Konecranes hybrid RTGs. Two will go to the Landers Yard intermodal terminal in Chicago, and three will go to the Inman Yard intermodal terminal in Atlanta. This order was booked in December 2020, and the cranes will be delivered in December 2021.

The five RTGs on order will work intermodal rail tracks eco-efficiently thanks to their hybrid drives. Hybrid Konecranes RTGs are becoming popular in the US; a number of major US container terminals are operating them with a high degree of satisfaction.

The two RTGs going to the Landers Yard will stack containers 1-over-3, working over two rails plus one truck lane. The three RTGs going to the Inman Yard will stack containers 1-over-3, working over one rail and two truck lanes.

Hybrid Konecranes RTGs are operated with electrical power from the battery and diesel generator. During normal use, power is drawn exclusively from the battery. During peak use, power is drawn from the battery and diesel generator in parallel. Energy from braking is saved and used to recharge the battery. All five hybrid RTGs will be equipped with Konecranes’ Auto-Steering smart feature, which keeps the RTG on a pre-programmed, straight path, easing the work of the operator.

This contract is part of Ecolifting, Konecranes’ vision to minimize the footprint and improve the handprint of equipment for container terminals. From eco-optimizing diesel drives, to hybridization and fully electrified fleets, we will continue to do more with less.

Norfolk Southern has a history that spans nearly two centuries to the earliest days of American railroading. It has been a Konecranes customer since 2020.

Featured Title photograph: Konecranes RTG Hybrid power unit

Source Konecranes

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