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19 Aug 2022

Five Grove Five Axel Cranes for Nordic Crane

Scandinavian rental company Nordic Crane has taken delivery of five new Grove all-terrain cranes – all five-axle units – to supplement its regional fleet. Four are based at the company’s Norwegian operations, while one is at the company’s Swedish facility. There are two 150 t capacity GMK5150L-1 cranes and three 250 t capacity GMK5250XL-1 cranes. The crane in Sweden is a GMK5250XL-1.




Eirik Kynningsrud, general manager at Nordic Crane, said:

“We’ve had good experiences with Grove cranes in the past and like the capabilities of the cranes. These latest models will be well-suited to the types of projects we have.”





At 78.5 m, the GMK5250XL-1 has the longest main boom in its class. For extra reach, Nordic Crane selected the 17.8 m bi-fold swingaway jib (with integrated heavy-duty jib) for its cranes. The company also added the auxiliary hoist to the cranes, allowing them to use two hooks for tasks such as rotating precast elements during construction. With up to 80 t of counterweight and a load chart that includes the ability to lift 9.9 t out to 22 m, the GMK5250XL-1 offers excellent lifting capabilities.

In addition to excellent maneuverability and high lifting capacity, the Grove GMK5250XL-1 includes a single-engine design with fuel saver technology, which can lower fuel costs by up to 30% compared to the previous five-axle cranes. Other features include the MEGATRAK® suspension with all-wheel steering, and TWIN-LOCK® boom pinning system as well as the optional MAXbase variable outrigger positioning.

The crane’s design and technology mean road travel in Norway is straightforward, but for even greater flexibility Nordic Crane purchased the optional boom removal kit, allowing axle weights to be reduced further when required.





With its 60 m MEGAFORM® boom with TWIN-LOCK® pinning system, the 150 t Grove GMK5150L-1 is ideal for erecting tower cranes, as well as lifting prefabricated elements, installing air conditioning units, or mounting billboards. It completes these tasks with ease thanks to its high capacity, compact footprint, and simple maneuverability. Like the GMK5250XL-1 cranes, the GMK5150L-1 cranes have the optional MAXbase technology, where the crane’s outrigger base can be adjusted to suit available space and to further increase load charts.

As with the other purchases in its latest order, Nordic Crane opted for the additional 17.8 m bifold swingaway jib (with integrated heavy-duty jib) option on the GMK5150L-1 cranes and fitted them with auxiliary hoists for more lifting flexibility. Again, roading the cranes in Norway is no problem, with the GMK5150L-1 able to travel in taxi configuration with up to 10.2 t of counterweight. For instances where more flexibility in travel is required, Nordic Crane chose the boom float kit option, for a wider range of transport options.

With sustainability being an increasing priority for many companies, particularly in Scandinavia, Manitowoc has supplied the Grove cranes with Panolin HLP Synth 32 hydraulic oil and the latest Mercedes EUROMOT 5 engines, which are HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) compatible. Nordic Cranes will use all the new cranes on a variety of projects, including construction and infrastructure jobs, tower crane erection, maintenance work at power stations, and more.

The cranes were all delivered to Nordic Crane earlier this year, with local Grove dealer ANK Cranes providing full training and commissioning, as well as handling local registration with relevant authorities.

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