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13 Aug 2018

First time construction crane in hills of Samaria

Crane brought for new construction in yeshivat Chitzim.

Date 13 August 2018

For the first time a construction crane was seen deep in Shomron, Israel for building a Jewish community. The crane was brought in for new construction at the Chitzim Yeshiva in Itamar.

The structure will be the largest building ever built in Itamar. The crane will be stationed in the community for up to six months, and the new building’s construction will be completed in about a year from now.

Itamar project manager Aryeh Goldberger said: “We see the school that’s taking shape – the Itamar education complex that joins a series of permanent homes, and more.”

Chitzim Yeshiva director Yehoshua Sherman added, “There’s great excitement in dealing with education and building the country – two values ??that we’re active in every day. We at Chitzim feel part of Itamar and are happy to be groundbreaking in the field of public construction in the community. The structure of the classrooms, which are being built in cooperation with the Samaria Regional Council, is the largest public building in the community, and is added to the large educational campus we’re building.”

Source: Israel National News

Photograph: Avraham Shapira

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