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10 Oct 2019

First Steel Cut for Mammoet Focus 30

Mammoet is pleased to announce that after the finalization of all structural engineering and the selection of potential vendors, the first steel for the FOCUS 30 has been cut. Altogether, roughly 1,000 tons of complex steel and detailed engineering will lead to the realization of the FOCUS 30, with expected completion in the second quarter of 2020.

Mammoet has chosen to subcontract each of the main work packages based on their functionality and underlying interaction. The work packages for the under and upper carrier, boom systems, erection frame, drive and control systems, winching components and hoist blocks are currently under construction.

“We are confident that the selected vendors will provide the high-quality components necessary in order to bring our FOCUS 30 to reality,” says Jacques Stoof, Director of Market Development and Innovation at Mammoet. “We believe that a good relationship between contractor and supplier is the foundation for a high-quality product. For this reason, we have chosen many local vendors to ensure close interaction throughout the building process.”

Among others, equipment manufacturer Liebherr has been contracted to deliver the winch system; while Rometal, a vendor in the Rotterdam area, has been contracted for the fabrication and construction of the upper and under carriers. The first deliveries are expected to arrive at Mammoet’s Westdorpe test facility in early 2020.

Source Mammoet

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