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30 Jan 2023

First Sany SCL10000 in Australia Delivered to Tutt Bryant Equipment – Video

Tutt Bryant Equipment announces Australia’s first delivery of the recently released Sany SCL10000 lattice boom mobile crane.

Queensland commuters on the M1 Motorway were treated to a spectacular sight of the largest ever lattice boom mobile crane to have arrived in Australia – the recently released Sany SCL10000.



Built with 133m of main boom and 12m of fixed jib, the 1,000t capacity crane was being commissioned in Yatala before delivery to its first job at a wind farm site in Queensland.



Country Manager for Sany, Mr Neo Liu said: “The arrival of the SCL10000 marks another big step for Sany in proving our capability to produce world-class industry-leading cranes.”



“This model will be important in setting a new benchmark for super heavy lift cranes with the mobility needed for projects such as wind turbine erection.”



National Sales & Marketing Manager for Tutt Bryant Equipment, Mr Peter Gray added: “We are extremely pleased to have been able to work closely with Sany to develop this new crane and bring it into Australia, clearing all the compliance hurdles and meeting our customer’s requirements.”



The Sany SCL10000 is a beast of a crane with a maximum lifting moment of 12,100 tonne-metre, and it can be configured with a maximum boom length of 171m plus 12m of fixed jib when operating in superlift.

The 8-axle carrier was specially designed upon a lightweight frame that has been optimised to an anti-torsion box structure and powered by an 8-cylinder Mercedes-Benz 502 V-type diesel engine. Its ZF automatic transmission provides a wide range of speed ratios with 12 forward and 2 reversing gears.



The upper works of the SCL10000 is driven by a Cummins Tier III (Tier IV optional) engine, and it is based on the widely accepted SCC8000A crawler crane so operators would be familiar with the controls inside the Porsche-designed cab. Between the upper and the carrier are the X-type two-stage telescopic outriggers.

In a further step towards decarbonisation, the engines of the SCL10000 have been cleared to run on renewable diesel as a drop-in replacement fuel. Renewable diesel is Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) made from 100% sustainably sourced raw materials such as used cooking oil and animal fat from food industry waste. On a well-to-wheel basis, HVO is expected to result in as much as 75-95% less greenhouse gas emissions over the fuel’s lifecycle when compared with fossil diesel.

The Sany SCL10000 has approval for concessional Register of Approved Vehicles (RAV) entry, allowing it to be registered for road use in the relevant state or territory.


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