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30 Nov 2018

First LRT 1100-2.1 for Poland

The off-road handling, performance and safety were crucial purchase criteria for D?wigi Mazowsze Marcin Zielonka. Photograph – Liebherr

Date 30 November 2018

The Polish crane and heavy haulage company D?wigi Mazowsze Marcin Zielonka has taken possession of the first Liebherr rough-terrain crane of type LRT 1100-2.1 in Poland. It is the first rough-terrain crane in the company’s fleet and is earmarked for long-term construction sites and applications on rough terrain. Besides the off-road handling, important decision criteria were high performance and safety.

D?wigi Mazowsze Marcin Zielonka is covering new ground with the Liebherr-LRT 1100-2.1 – as this is the first truly rough-terrain crane in its fleet. Managing Director Marcin Zielonka explains: “I’ve been interested in this type of crane for quite a while. Cranes are my passion and I’d like the opportunity to try this new machine out in practice. Designed for rough terrain and providing a lifting capacity of 100 tonnes, the LRT 1100-2.1 is a perfect solution here in the local market. I also see benefits for application in a nearby refinery, where space is very tight in some places. Here too high safety requirements are called for. But we’re ideally placed to meet these with the new Liebherr all-terrain crane. The variable support base is a feature that significantly increases safety during crane jobs. All this is standard with the LRT.”

The construction industry is enjoying tremendous growth in Poland and the demand for cranes is correspondingly high. D?wigi Mazowsze Marcin Zielonka are planning to use the new LRT 1100-2.1 for road building as well as the construction of warehouses, above all where there is a greater need for off-road handling.

Marcin Zielonka cites other reasons behind the decision to purchase a Liebherr rough-terrain crane: “As a market leader, Liebherr is known for high product quality, reliability and an extensive product portfolio. Plus the local branch Liebherr Polska is a good service partner with expert technicians and a good spare parts supply.”

D?wigi Mazowsze Marcin Zielonka currently employs around 40 staff and operates 16 mobile cranes, 13 of which come from Liebherr. The company’s other specialities include heavy haulage and leasing work platforms. 

From left to right: Artur Heiduk (Liebherr-Polska Sp. z o.o.), hands the key over to Marcin Zielonka (D?wigi Mazowsze Marcin Zielonka

Source Liebherr

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