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14 May 2021

First Kato CR-250Rv in Australia Delivered to Cranes Combined in Tasmania

Tasmanian company Cranes Combined recently took delivery of the new Kato CR-250Rv city crane. It is the first of the new model to be delivered in Australia.

Chris Kolodziej Managing Director of Cranes Combined discussed the important role small capacity cranes play in the business and the reasons for bringing the 25t capacity crane to Tasmania.

“When we purchased Statewide Cranes, we expanded our capabilities and our fleet in Hobart grew considerably. They were already running a 13t capacity Kato city crane and last year, when it was time to upgrade, we bought a new Kato CR-140RF

“Like most crane hire businesses, we have always had a number of smaller capacity cranes in our fleet. They are ideal for general hire, taxi work and managing lifts on sites where access is limited. For example, we’ve had an exceptional run with the Kobelco RK70s over many years; they have been great performers for our business, and they were way ahead of their time with surprisingly good load charts”, said Kolodziej.

“The first 13t Kato recently had its 10-year inspection, has been repainted and now presents as new. After purchasing the second, both continue to perform to our high expectations. The 25t capacity will complement the smaller city crane in the Hobart depot”, he said.

Kolodziej goes on to highlight where the city cranes fit into the Cranes Combined fleet and the types of applications they are suited for.

“The city cranes are particularly useful on jobs which are quite hard to access. It’s these applications where they really come into their own. They have far less tail swing when slewing, and this is a limiting factor on some of the sites in the tighter city areas. The fact that the fly jib is so easy to install in restricted areas is also an added advantage”, he said.

The CR-250Rv is the flagship of the Kato city crane range, complementing the CR-200Rf and the CR-130Rf.

Peter Lawgall Business Development Manager for Cranes at Tutt Bryant Equipment went through the significant changes in the new Kato CR-250Rv that is expected to turn heads on its arrival.

“As the largest city crane available in the Australian market, the CR-250Rv will take the Kato city crane range to a whole new level. The focus with this new model is on strength, technology, safety, speed of operation and ease of operation in small space”, said Lawgall.

The newly released crane is supported with a full Kato factory warranty and national support through the extensive service and spare parts network of Tutt Bryant Equipment.

The Kato CR-250Rv has safety features that enhance safety during driving and/or crane operation, therefore minimises the risk of incidents. The safety features include:

  • The surround view camera – display real-time 360-degree birds-eye view to the operator
  • Human detect assist system – detect people near the crane that are not visible to the operator
  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS) – further enhance braking power and significantly reduces braking distance especially on slippery surfaces

Chris Kolodziej Managing Director of Cranes Combined and his wife Cathy.








Source Tutt Bryant Equipment

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