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23 Jun 2022

First Jacket Foundations for Saint-Brieuc OWF Leave Navantia

Last week Iberdrola started the transfer of the first jackets for its offshore wind farm in Saint Brieuc, Brittany, France, from the Navantia Seanergies shipyard in Fene (A Coruña) where the Navantia-Windar consortium is building these structures to support the wind turbines.



These are the first four jackets of the total of 62 to be built at the wind farm, which will be the Iberdrola Group’s first major offshore wind energy site in France. The contract for the construction of the jackets was also the largest order to date for the Navantia and Windar partnership in offshore wind energy.



The delivery of the first jackets demonstrates the successful completion of the contract signed two years ago, valued at 350 million euros. The order included the manufacture and assembly of the 62 structures at Navantia Windar’s facilities in Brest (France) and Fene and the piles that anchor the wind turbines to the seabed from Windar’s facilities in Avilés.



The foundations are being transported on a 122m long barge from Van Oord as part of the transport and installation  contracted awarded to Van Oord.  Van Oord started the offshore operations in 2021 with the installation of the pin piles using its offshore installation vessel Aeolus. The Aeolus will be assisted by a second vessel this year to install the jacket foundations.

All photographs courtesy of Iberdrola

Source Van Oord, Iberdrola, Navantia






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