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22 Mar 2021

First Grove GMK6300L-1 in Indonesia for Superkrane

Indonesian construction equipment rental company PT Superkrane Mitra Utama (Superkrane) deployed the first Grove GMK6300L-1 in the country on the construction of a flyover bridge across an existing rail line in Jakarta City. The project is part of the local government’s efforts to improve connectivity in urban areas.

The GMK6300L-1 is the newest addition to Superkrane’s fleet of Grove cranes and played a major role on the rail project. As the rail line is operational, the company was only able to lift the concrete beams needed for the bridge during a three to four-hour window overnight. With ever-demanding schedules, having a reliable crane with fast set-up was an important priority for the company according to Johannes Wargo, president commissioner of Superkrane.

“As a rental company, reliability is the name of the game for our cranes and our customers need us to complete jobs in the most effective way possible,” he said. “With Manitowoc, we can rest assured our equipment will always perform to the best of its abilities, and when we do need support, we know the company has an excellent after-sales team to solve any issues.”

Manitowoc’s crane designs are rigorously tested at Product Verification Centers around the world to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. Customers who purchase new cranes like the Grove GMK6300L-1 can be confident they have been thoroughly tested during the design phase, right down to the smallest component.

“We also chose the Grove GMK6300L-1 as we had a very positive experience with its predecessor, the GMK6300L,” continued Johannes Wargo. “It offers several key improvements over the previous model – particularly enhanced load charts and increased working radii and capacity.”

The enhanced lifting capacities in the GMK6300L-1 can be found across the load chart and on average they have increased by 7%. However in certain configurations the advantage is even greater. For example when working with the main boom between 70 m and 80 m, capacities are increased by more than 16%. The GMK6300L-1, when working with the full 80 m main boom and rigged with full counterweight and lifting between radii of 14 m to 28 m, has a maximum capacity of 14 t. That compares with a maximum capacity of 12 t for the GMK6300L in the same configuration.

Powered by two Mercedes engines in the carrier and the superstructure, the 300 t capacity crane has a range of jib options for greater versatility. The model features Manitowoc’s patented and unique suspension system, MEGATRAK, and has one of the most popular roadable counterweight configurations in the market.

As speed was essential in this bridge flyover project, reducing crane set-up and dismantling time was paramount for Superkrane. The GMK6300L-1 features a  self-rigging auxiliary hoist which helps crews rig and de-rig their cranes faster; while the hydraulic swingaway jib and counterweight design both contribute to better speed and flexibility in tear down.

“We are very impressed by how quickly we can rig and de-rig the GMK6300L-1’s counterweight,” Johannes said. “This, coupled with its long boom and hydraulic jib, means we can fully support our customer’s project with a capable and reliable crane.”

Superkrane has a range of Grove cranes serving customers in a wide variety of industries including construction, power, manufacturing, mining, warehousing, petrochemicals, oil and gas. Besides the new GMK6300L-1, the company’s fleet includes the GMK4100L, GMK5130, GMK5220 and GMK6300L models.

Established in 1996 and headquartered in Jakarta, Superkrane specializes in the supply and rental of heavy lifting equipment, solutions and services. The company also offers skilled, competent and highly-trained personnel to operate its equipment.

Source Manitowoc / Grove

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