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11 May 2021

First Foundation at Le Parc Éolien en Mer de Saint-Nazaire

After a year and a half of work on land, the offshore installation of the Saint-Nazaire wind farm has been launched!

The first foundation of the 80 future wind turbines in the park has just been installed in the Guérande bank area.

Led by the DEME company, all installation operations are carried out by the “Innovation” vessel which transports, 3 by 3, the foundations stored in the port of La Rochelle, to install them at sea.

A foundation consists of a steel monopile and a transition piece. The monopile is installed on the seabed at depths varying between 12 and 25 m, while the transition piece tops it and, in 2022, will accommodate the future wind turbine. These transition pieces, bright yellow in color (regulatory), will rise above sea level by about 25 m. These will be equipped with maritime signal lights to ensure safety at sea.

Divided into 4 work zones, the site will gradually close until the end of 2021. Thus a first site zone, to the north-east of the Guérande bank (see map) is currently closed to users of the sea. guarantee the safety of all, a guard vessel (Furore G) is present in the area to remind everyone to respect the safety rules of the area.

In addition, in consultation with the maritime prefecture and COREPEM (Regional Maritime Fisheries Committee), professional fishermen will be able to transit through the site area via 2 navigation lanes. This measure, undertaken as part of the coexistence of activities, is the result of consultation and follow-up work, undertaken for 10 years.

Starting this summer, the installation of the inter-wind turbine cables and the electrical substation. Then, from spring 2022, the installation of wind turbines (masts, nacelles and blades) will be carried out gradually. As a reminder, the commissioning of the park is scheduled for the end of 2022


First foundations and transition pieces arrive in La Rochelle




Source Le Parc Éolien en Mer de Saint-Nazaire, Port of La Rochelle and DEME

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