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10 May 2022

First Dogger Bank OWF Onshore Converter Station Transformer Delivered by Allelys

The first of a number of transformers that will enable the transmission of renewable energy from the world’s largest offshore wind farm has been delivered.  

The transformers, made by Dogger Bank Wind Farm’s tier one contractor Hitachi Energy, will play an integral role in the operation of three onshore convertor stations in East Riding of Yorkshire and on Teesside. When the wind farm is operational they will convert the current from the wind farm for transmission via the national grid network to 6 million UK homes.  

This week the first transformer was successfully transported from Port of Hull to the first convertor station off the A1079 near Beverley in East Riding, where construction of a second convertor station is also underway by Hitachi Energy. Three further deliveries are scheduled in East Riding on the mornings of 15, 22 and 29 May, with deliveries for the second East Riding convertor station taking place in 2023.  



Heavy lift and transportation specialist Allelys, was appointed by Hitachi Energy to carry out and oversee these latest deliveries.

Dogger Bank Wind Farm Transmission Package Manager Børge Angelfloss, “Successful delivery of the first transformer is an important milestone for our world-leading project.  

“Our thanks go to all those involved in ensuring this happened safely, including the local highways authority and representatives from Humberside Police for their valuable expertise on the route between Port of Hull and our convertor station site.” 

Source Dogger Bank Wind Farm

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