First Batch of 3 Tadano AC 3.045-1 City Cranes with E-Pack delivered to Schmidbauer – Heavy Lift News
3 Mar 2022

First Batch of 3 Tadano AC 3.045-1 City Cranes with E-Pack delivered to Schmidbauer

All good things come in threes – that was clearly part of the train of thought at Gräfelfing/Munich-based Schmidbauer as the company recently picked up the first three of six Tadano AC 3.045-1 City cranes in Zweibrücken. The trio was handed over by Sales Manager Hans Asam.

At the Schmidbauer Group, City cranes enjoy a sterling reputation thanks to their reliability and powerful performance characteristics, making them a favorite of the company’s clientele. In fact, the company has a total of 18 AC 40 City cranes that have been hard at work for many years already alongside many other cranes from the same manufacturer.

What the team at Schmidbauer values above all in the Tadano AC 3.045-1 City is its extremely compact design and narrow width. “In order to reduce emissions and noise in the future, we also ordered the innovative E-Pack from Tadano and had all cranes be prepared for using this environmentally friendly technology. That of course makes these machines absolutely perfect for indoor work and jobs in urban areas, but we’ll also be using the new AC 3.045-1 units for more standard work site projects. In fact, that’s the beautiful thing about these cranes: They’re easy to use, fast to set up, and incredibly versatile,” explains Schmidbauer GmbH & Co. KG Head of Sales Jürgen Rückel.

Featured Title photograph

From left to right: Hans Asam (Sales Manager, Tadano), Robby Günther (Crane operator, Schmidbauer GmbH & Co.KG), Victor Frank (Crane operator, Schmidbauer GmbH & Co.KG), Kamil Grotek (Crane operator, Schmidbauer GmbH & Co.KG), Dr. Frank Schröder (Vice President All Terrain Product Line, Tadano), Jürgen Rückel (Head of Sales, Schmidbauer GmbH & Co.KG), Dr. Mitja Schimek (Managing Director, Fricke-Schmidbauer Schwerlast GmbH), Stefan Schmidbauer (Managing Director, Schmidbauer GmbH & Co.KG), Hermann Setzmüller (Head of Purchasing, Schmidbauer Group), Jens Ennen (CEO, Tadano Demag GmbH & Tadano Faun GmbH), Dieter Moser (Managing Director, Schmidbauer GmbH & Co.KG and Rieger&Moser GmbH & Co.KG)


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