First 520t Steam Generator Delivered to EDF's Hinkley Point C – Heavy Lift News
13 May 2024

First 520t Steam Generator Delivered to EDF’s Hinkley Point C

The first of Hinkley Point C’s eight 520t steam generators was delivered safely to the construction site over the weekend. Arriving by sea at Avonmouth it was then transshipped by barge for the 50km journey to Combwich Wharf and then 9.6km by road.



The 25m long steam generators will take heat from the nuclear reactors to create steam to power the world’s largest turbines.  The generator’s arrival is in time for the fit out of the new power station, which will see the first nuclear reactor installed later this year. It was delivered in February last year.



The steam generator travelled the final four miles by road on SPMTs after arriving at Combwich Wharf on the River Parrett in Somerset on the Osprey Group’s 1554t flat-top barge OSPREY AURORA MAYA.



Four will be placed in each reactor building, operating at an average temperature of 295°C for at least 60 years. Their design, manufacturing and testing took six years.




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