Felbermayr Delivers Wind Turbine Blades In Austria – Heavy Lift News
8 Jul 2024

Felbermayr Delivers Wind Turbine Blades In Austria

Spectacular transports with a total length of almost 100m have been seen on Austria’s West Autobahn in recent weeks.



At the end of June, 15 wind turbine rotor blades were delivered by inland waterway vessels on the river Traun to Felbermayr’s heavy goods terminal in Linz, Austria.



Here they were temporarily stored and prepared for the special road transport.

Subsequently, the rotor blades were transported in five convoys with three blades to their destination in Lower Austria. The first 10km to the motorway required meticulous special planning and numerous traffic control measures including:

  • Bushes and shrubs were trimmed
  • roads widened
  • traffic lights equipped with joints so that they could be dismantled and set up quickly.




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