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8 Feb 2021

Faymonville’s Lowbed Trailers

The load height is a major factor in everyday transport. Legal requirements and a difficult delivery routes regularly cause headaches. When every millimetre counts, Faymonville offers the widest range of drop decks.

The lowboys from the three product series MegaMAX, GigaMAX and VarioMAX make it possible to comply with the legal height restrictions even with a high load. Their low driving height allows low bed semi-trailers to clear underpasses, bridges and power lines, so even the most difficult missions reach the destination.

The MegaMAX low bed semi-trailer with a payload capacity of 20 to 80 tons features a removable gooseneck, a lowbed and a bogie with 1-5 axles. A 1- or 2-axle dolly can be incorporated between the truck and the gooseneck if required for additional load capacity and an optimal weight distribution.

The GigaMAX lowbed trailer with a payload capacity of 30 to 70 tons is characterised by a one- or two-pendle-axle dolly that is attached to the gooseneck. In this way, the user achieves an extremely compact overall towing length while benefitting from a long loading area at the same time. The integrated pendle-axles increase the payload capacity at the front of the lowboy.

The VarioMAX low bed semi-trailer with a payload capacity of 30 to 135 tons has a removable pendle-axle bogie between the gooseneck and the low bed. Thanks to the robust and well thought-out design concept, this lowbed solution represents the optimal ratio between payload and dead weight for heavy tonnage classes.

A wide range of gooseneck types from Faymonville fits any truck. Low-bed semitrailers come in many versions and payload categories. The wide range of products at Faymonville allows for a variety of uses.

The loading areas are available as excavator deck, agricultural deck, outer beams with fixed floor, outer beams with removable floor, widening outer beams, vesseldeck with hydraulic widening and flatbed deck.

With all low loaders from the three Faymonville product series, the intuitive and simple handling ensures that all kind of lowbed projects are easy to carry out.

Source Faymonville

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