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30 Jul 2021

Faymonville unveil their New Wind Turbine Blade Adapter

The wind industry plays a key role in the expansion of renewable energies. Wind turbines are becoming more powerful and use ever larger blades.

Transporting them presents huge challenges. With Faymonville’s new self-steering trailer, rotor blades with a length of 80 to 120 metres and more can be transported with maximum manoeuvrability.

This universal dolly trailer combination with transport device for rotor blades is the largest on the market with a 30t lifting capacity.

This wind turbine blade adapter from Faymonville is available for FlexMAX, ModulMAX and CombiMAX.

Transporting blades with a length of 80 to 120 metres

Improved ground clearance under the blade thanks to the absence of telescopic boom

Steering by the assistant driver independent of the tractor unit


Source Faymonville

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