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28 Feb 2022

Faymonville Tram Transport Trailers Selected by APB – PLZEŇ in Czechia

Besides earthmoving, demolition and construction work, the Czech specialists from APB Pilzen are also known for their successful tram transportation projects.  To bring APB to the next level, a new modular CombiMAX fleet has been delivered. A 7-axle loading platform and a 2-axle bogie have been developed to fit the specific requirements to transport trams and wagons.



The new CombiMAX has the technical advantage using cranked axles, with which it can reduce the loading height in driving position to 740 millimetres.

Pulled by a powerful winch the trams or wagons are easily loaded on the incorporated rail guides in the loading platform. The rail guides are adaptable which makes it possible to choose variable rail widths of 1000, 1450 or 1670 millimetres – depending on the tram widths in different countries.

Besides the telescopic loading platform, the CombiMAX can be extended by mountable elongation beams with lengths of 6,000 mm, 6,000 mm and 7,000 mm. These elongation beams are designed in such a way that the installation is possible without a crane. The extension elements are fitted with rail wheels, folding supports with roller foot and hydraulic supports to allow a mounting with only the truck.



The hydraulically liftable and lowerable rear extension, Accordion ramps, enable a secure loading and unloading process optimising the load distribution. The integrated rail extensions of the Accordion ramps allow the rapid assembly with a maximum slope of 2.5 degrees. This is possible without using a forklift truck or similar. The rear extension part also supports up to 14t of payload during the transport, significantly improving the load.

APB Pilzen can rely on Faymonville for extra technical assistance for projects in the future. Their specialists are able to cope with even the most complex specifications and come up with an optimal technical and economic solution. The APB team received detailed instruction to assure perfect handling in the upcoming jobs.

Source Faymonville


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