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28 Jul 2022

Faymonville Group Exhibiting at bauma 2022

The Faymonville Group will be presenting a cross-section of its expertise at bauma 2022 in Munich and will be more diversified than ever before.

Once again the Faymonville Group is lining up with a larger area in comparison with the last bauma. A unique variety will be on show thanks to the three product brands MAX Trailer, Faymonville and Cometto.

The BladeMAX1000 with its 1000t load capacity is by far the strongest available on the market!

The new BladeMAX1000 from Cometto celebrates its premiere in Munich. This rotor blade adapter by far is the strongest of its type on the market with a load capacity of 1000t. Such a special vehicle is used to safely transport the latest mega wind turbine blades over the last section of the route to the installation site. It takes its place in the BladeMAX series from Cometto, which now features three variants: BladeMAX650, BladeMAX800 and BladeMAX1000.

The Faymonville ModulMAX is a series of combinable transport modules with 2-6 axle lines for off-road and on-road operations.


The product type ModulMAX AP-M designates a mechnically steered heavy duty platform trailer that combines the supporting assist mode with the independent self-propelled mode. The driven axles can be switched on and off at any speed with a maximum at 40km/h. This is a big advantage, because the operator does not have to stop the convoy for this manoeuvre as is the case with other suppliers. In combination with the high traction this is an absolutely unique feature.

PrefaMAX inloader is the tried-and-tested, most highly-advanced solution for the transport of precast elements and other special loads.

In barely any other area are there as many tasks as in the construction sector. All-rounders are the solution, and several of them, a selection from semi-trailers, lowbed trailers, towed trailers and inloaders, will be on show at the Faymonville Group stand . The MAX Trailer brand is celebrating 10 years of existence this year and has revolutionized the market thanks to its modular construction. In Munich, four exhibits will underline the product variety that is now on offer.

The wind turbine blade adapter from Faymonville. Universal self-steering trailer combination with transport device for rotor blades.

In the wind power sector, the Faymonville Group has transport solutions that can keep up with high-speed product development. A wind turbine blade adapter complete with a self-steering trailer combination will be exhibited in addition to the BladeMAX1000 at the bauma. In the road transport of the up to 100 meter-long wind turbine blades, the future belongs to this flexible concept.

The Cometto Eco1000 and Eco1500 products are THE self-propelled electronically steered modular vehicles with integrated Power Pack Unit for in-plant transport jobs up to a payload of 1,500t.

As the center of competence for self-propelled vehicles within the Faymonville Group, Cometto is presenting a 4-axle Eco1000 with hybrid technology, which is absolutely groundbreaking in this segment. In addition, the range is completed by an electronically steered MSPE self-propelled vehicle.


Cometto offers four MSPE series with capacities of up to 70t per axle line for the latest MSPE series, the EVO3 – the absolute highest value on the market!


Faymonville, MAXTrailer and Cometto will be in exhibiting in the Outdoor Area North, section 822/5

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Crane counter weights are carried safely on the MAXTrailer MAX410


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