Faymonville Group and SL Trailer AB Shine at Elmia Lastbil in Jönköping – Heavy Lift News
6 Sep 2022

Faymonville Group and SL Trailer AB Shine at Elmia Lastbil in Jönköping

For more than 12 months Jönköping based SL Trailer AB has been part of the Faymonville Group network. In August at the Elmia Lastbil international exhibition for commercial vehicles held at the Elmia show ground also in Jönköping SL Trailer and Faymonville Group presented four different special vehicles on a common stand.

The joint presence at the Lastbil now marked a new milestone in this partnership and is a strong signal for an even more intensive support of the Swedish transport market for many years to come.


SL Trailer and Faymonville at Lastbil: (from left to right): Julian Thelen (Head of Sales – Europe, Faymonville), Christoffer Sparr (Managing Director, SL Trailer) Arnold Luxen (Sales Director, Faymonville) and Manuela Rauw (Area Sales Manager, Faymonville).


The two brands MAX Trailer and Faymonville offer a larger variety of specialized transport solutions, including low loader semi-trailers, telescopic flatbed trailers, precast inloaders, lowbed vehicles etc., which are optimally suited to meet the requirements in the Scandinavian country. Both the Faymonville Group and SL Trailer AB reiterated at the Lastbil that they have high ambitions to expand their leading role in the distribution of trailers in Sweden in the coming years.

One of the exhibited trailers, a MultiMAX 2+2-axle low loader, is at the forefront of these ambitions, as it was especially designed for the Swedish market in a joint effort between dealer and manufacturer. The axle spacings are specifically aimed at the local legislation to allow maximum legal payload capacity. Integrated wheel recesses allow to load machinery such as wheel loaders and dumpers in a height-optimized way, using either aluminum or hydraulic ramps. On this air-suspended trailer, the first two axles are friction-steered and the last two axles are on forced hydraulic steering – this contributes to high maneuverability and low tire consumption. Further accessories such as one or two liftaxles, container locks, numerous lashing points and round stake pockets, central greasing etc. make it a complete real all-rounder for a wide range of tasks.

This vehicle and the complete product range of Faymonville and MAX Trailer are available at SL Trailer AB. A strong partnership where customers can rely on high-quality products and a strong customer support.


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