Faymonville CombiMAX for La Réunion island – Heavy Lift News
20 Jan 2020

Faymonville CombiMAX for La Réunion island

Société Réunionnaise Transports Incana (SRTI) on the Indian Ocean island of La Réunion has recently taken delivery of the largest trailer on the island. Faymonville sent not only the CombiMAX but also Jef, one of the Faymonville instructors, to give detailed training and assist with load tests at Société Réunionnaise Transports Incana.


The modular construction is composed by two 1-axle bogies called Joker-axles, two 2-axle bogies and one 4-axle bogie. In addition, a double extendable Add-On-Beam and a hydraulically widenable vessel bridge with removable floor fulfill the combination.

This low bed type from SRTI can also be transformed into an excavator bridge.

Define and combine! A unique principle that works now also for heaviest transport challenges on La Réunion!

Source Faymonville

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