Faymonville 10 Axel Combi MAX baptised "Sambuca" by Matthey-Petit SA – Heavy Lift News
30 Jan 2020

Faymonville 10 Axel Combi MAX baptised “Sambuca” by Matthey-Petit SA

As of now, Faymonville’s Swiss customer, Matthey-Petit SA, has also adopted the motto: Define and combine!

The well-known crane and heavy haulage company headquartered in Bussigny recently commissioned a large 10-axle CombiMAX combination from Faymonville.

It is composed of a 1-axle, 2-axle, 3-axle and 4-axle chassis. In addition, a telescopic outer beams deck with removable wooden floor and a telescopic excavator bridge were selected to achieve maximum flexibility between the bogies.

During the product instruction, the vehicle with a basic width of 2,850 mm has been baptized “Sambuca”. In reference to the well-known liqueur, which is often served flambéed. A strong name for a strong vehicle since the CombiMAX masters heavy-duty projects up to 140t payloads.


Its flexibility enables Matthey-Petit SA to successfully handle smaller orders as well. The traditional three Sambuca coffee beans, standing for health, wealth and happiness, can be attributed to the three Swiss drivers. During delivery, they were enthusiastic about the new vehicle and are looking forward to the upcoming transport projects.


For more details of Faymonville follow this link to their Company Profile

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