Fagioli Strand Jack Sky Walks in India – Heavy Lift News
15 Jul 2019

Fagioli Strand Jack Sky Walks in India

When it comes to talk about the strand jacking system, Fagioli has the best expertise on the market, supported by the biggest fleet available. Fagioli India specializes in the use of this innovative solution and this job is the proof of the actual validity when we are talking about hoisting operations. The use of strand jacking system is an innovative engineering solution for what concerns Safety, Quickness; Improved Quality and Time factor. Fagioli India executed the erection of No. 5 complete Sky Walk Bridges by means of strand jacking system. The job started in late 2018 and ended on July 2019. Biggest section was weighing about 420 ton and max. height lifting was about 62 mt.

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