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25 Jul 2019

Fagioli on 245t Transport in Modena

Fagioli Heavy Road transport department was involved in another challenging operation for the transport activities of a 245t transformer manufactured in Northern Italy. Dimensions of the transformer were the followings: 9,8 m long; 4,5 m wide; 3,9 m high. Fagioli loaded the transformer onto a 12 axle lines SPMT by means of gantry lifting system. Once loaded the transformer was moved outside manufacturing area and positioned onto stools.

Fagioli prepared 15 + 15 axle lines trailers provided with Schnabel structure in order to support the load. The convoy, completed by two trucks, one the bottom and one at the front, reached the length of about 75 m. The transport up to Ostiglia river port was executed in three nights.

Once arrived at the river port, the transformer was unloaded and directly positioned onto Fagioli barge by means of a mobile crane provided by Autovictor. The barge is heading to Marghera port where the item will be loaded onto a self-gear vessel with destination up to Bergen, in Norway.

Main challenges were:

  • a reinforcement of a bridge nearby Modena town;
  • an acceptance test was executed on a bridge positioned over the Po river;
  • 3 over bridges were used on the most critical passages;
  • dozens of road interventions required;
  • 10 months needed for the obtaining the transport permits after a performances tests executed on the road transit!!

Other photographs coutesy of Photo Popper and , the Demag TC 2800 company


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