Fagioli Installes Italian Motorway Bridge – Heavy Lift News
21 Jan 2021

Fagioli Installes Italian Motorway Bridge

Fagioli was contracted, once again, for the handling and installation of a pre-fabricated bridge onto Italian A4 highway.

Civil construction has been dramatically changed during these last years with the advent of new engineering solutions.

For safety reasons, as well as cost and time savings aspects, civil companies are more and more inclined to build bridges and construction items in bigger pieces (prefabricated sections).

The increased dimension and weight of these items, need the use of special equipment for the transport and installation operations.

Fagioli for this project used 24 SPMT axle lines provided with a gantry lifting system and lifting beams for the transport of the bridge weighing more than 300t and with a length of about 60m.

Source Fagioli

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