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3 Jul 2020

Extensive Experience Ensuring Successful Breakbulk Shipment with Hoegh

Hoegh Autoliners’ customer, a manufacturer, needed to ship an out-of-gauge 52 metric tonne power turbine from India to Europe. The cargo’s extreme dimensions posed a challenge.

The combination of the height of 4.46m and the width 6.52m meant that  the cargo could not be placed on a regular rolltrailer, which has a height of 0.80m. This is due to the door height of the vessel having a limitation of 5.0m. The cargo handling team often face these types of challenges, and they immediately started to work with the customer to find the best possible solution for its transportation.

During the pre-shipment phase, the cargo handling team studied drawings of the cargo to determine the best and safest way to ship it. In close dialogue with the customer, the cargo packaging was reviewed and a safe shipping plan was presented. Under careful supervision by the cargo handling team, the power turbine was placed on the Superlow rolltrailer and rolled on board the vessel. It was safely lashed underdeck, where it would be protected during the sea voyage to Europe.



Source Hoegh Autoliners

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