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25 Jul 2022

Eurol Takes Over as Main Sponsor of Mammoet Rallysport

The Mammoet Rallysport team has a new main sponsor. Eurol will be main sponsor and lend its name to the team.
“After a fantastic and intensive partnership over the past fifteen years, it’s time for Mammoet to embark on a new journey and make new choices,” says Jeroen Overduin, head of the company’s marketing and communications. “In the coming years, our strong brand will become even more visible and be clearly positioned as an innovative market leader in heavy transport and lifting, with a key role for teamwork, cutting edge technology and safety first. A recent choice which totally reflects this is our huge involvement in the Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix in Zandvoort as event supplier, where we will not only provide hospitality for our clients, but will also be at work with our mobile cranes.”
“On behalf of Mammoet, I would like to thank Martin, Mitchel and the entire team for helping to strengthen our brand with their formidable teamwork and obviously wish them every success for the future!”
For Martin van den Brink, this brings a long, fun, interesting and exciting period to an end. “We’ve had a great, long-term relationship with Mammoet for fifteen years. I am very grateful for everything that partnership achieved for us. We reached this level together with Mammoet.”

Photo: Jurre Alma

The 51-year-old team owner looks back with great satisfaction at the past period. However, the Harskamp resident is also enthusiastic about the rally team’s future. “We have had a fantastic partnership with Mammoet. Together, we’ve had some memorable successes, but also disappointments. In all these circumstances, the partnership continued in perfect harmony. After that long period of fifteen years, I totally understand Mammoet’s decision to go in a new direction. Fortunately, we have found a new main sponsor in Eurol. I am delighted with the confidence of this company. Eurol has been a loyal partner of our team for eight years. Now they will be our main sponsor and lend its name to the team.”
Source Mammoet

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