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6 Feb 2020

EuroCompact 0+3 Transporting Construction Machinery and Vehicles.

The SCHEUERLE EuroCompact low-bed trailer with the 0+3 axle configuration and telescopic slab deck is the ideal all-rounder at Filderstadt-based Wacker for all machine transports with payloads of up to 40 tonnes. Due to the excellent steering response, the low-bed semi-trailer accommodates even the tightest of corners without any problems. In addition, the Wacker team is very impressed regarding the excellent service partnership with SCHEUERLE along with the vehicle manufacturer´s close proximity to its customers.

Apply the trailer brakes and press down slightly on the accelerator – moments later, the low-bed deck on the EuroCompact low-bed trailer from SCHEUERLE has been extended by two metres. With a few, but well-practised movements, driver Dominik Rüster separates the gooseneck of the EuroCompact and moves the tractor forwards. Only a few minutes later, a 40-tonne dump truck has been securely positioned on the low-bed deck of the EuroCompact 0+3 (0+3 is a combination consisting of a gooseneck without a bogie unit and three pendulum axles at the rear).

It takes less than an hour for the dumper to be loaded and the 71-tonne tractor trailer combination to be made ready for departure. Once learned, never forgotten – and truck driver Rüster is a seasoned professional and regular driver for construction company and freight forwarder Wacker from Filderstadt.

Professional work operations also requires the use of professional equipment: Whether it is dump trucks, excavators, crushing plant, wheel loaders or caterpillar-type vehicles – with the versatile SCHEUERLE EuroCompact 0+3, Wacker transports all work and construction machinery that are used for payloads of up to 40 tonnes. The EuroCompact 0+3 is one of three low-bed trailers from SCHEUERLE, a subsidiary of the Transporter Industry International Group (TII Group) owned by the Otto Rettenmaier entrepreneurial family, in the company’s fleet of vehicles. The EuroCompact 0+3 has a high payload and a very favourable dead weight-to-payload ratio. It thereby takes on the role of the all-rounder in the payload segment of up to 40 tonnes. And at Wacker, there are more than enough tasks for such a versatile talent. The company specialises in demolition work and recycling as well as road construction. In addition, Wacker also undertakes transportation assignments for third parties as is the case with the transport of the approx. 40-tonne dump truck from the rental vehicle fleet of a large manufacturer of construction machinery.

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